quinta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2010

ELF Christmas Nails review

Hello! long time no talk, i've been really busy!

I have recently got some elf goodies! Among them there are two new nail polishes from theChristmas collection: Golden Goddess and Twinkle. Both are super sparkly and glittery. Golden Goddess has golden fine glitter and some bigger multicolored round glitters and its my favourite! Twinkle is also pretty with fine multicolored glitter more to the green/blue side. They both look good by themselves or over darker colors. In the picture i'm wearing golden goddess it over OPI hawaiian orchid. The twinkle one is ver similar to one nailpolish from essence of beauty! Overall they're good quality and pretty but a little too thick so one coat is enough.

[PT]: 2 dos novos vernizes da linha de natal da elf, golden goddess (dourado com glitter) e twinkle (glitter esverdeado). São muito bonitos e bons, mas um pouco grossos, portanto uma camada é suficiente, sozinha, ou sobre outra cor. Custam €1.70 cada no site da elf.

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